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Help us make the HangBoard fly and you could make a profit!

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

We think the HangBoard has the potential to be a winter sports revolution. That it even has the potential to be a new Olympic sport. Everyone who watches the Discovery Channel segment on the HangBoard sees that it’s extreme, exciting and ready to go. Everyone keeps asking “where do I get one?”

After eight years in development, over 2,000 runs and a a substantial investment made in the  research and development stage, we have it ready to fly down mountains worldwide.  What we need now, is a partner to help us manufacture and distribute it. Someone with experience bringing snow sports equipment to market would be ideal. Think you can put this together?

Find us a partner that brings HangBoard to market and get a substantial finder’s fee.

Help make it happen, and make a ton of dough at the same time!*

*Please inquire for compensation details and terms.   Email us here: info (at)