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HangBoard inventor’s product helps in cooling damaged reactors in Japan

Thursday, March 31st, 2011
Inventor of the HangBoard also invented the Bambi Bucket which was used to cool the damaged Fukushima reactors in Japan. We are pleased that we could help in this way. Our hearts are with the Japanese people at this time.
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Global TV News
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The Daily Planet

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Help us make the HangBoard fly and you could make a profit!

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

We think the HangBoard has the potential to be a winter sports revolution. That it even has the potential to be a new Olympic sport. Everyone who watches the Discovery Channel segment on the HangBoard sees that it’s extreme, exciting and ready to go. Everyone keeps asking “where do I get one?”

After eight years in development, over 2,000 runs and a a substantial investment made in the  research and development stage, we have it ready to fly down mountains worldwide.  What we need now, is a partner to help us manufacture and distribute it. Someone with experience bringing snow sports equipment to market would be ideal. Think you can put this together?

Find us a partner that brings HangBoard to market and get a substantial finder’s fee.

Help make it happen, and make a ton of dough at the same time!*

*Please inquire for compensation details and terms.   Email us here: info (at)